Discover the Tiers of Veropad: Genesis, Luminary, and Paragon

At Veropad, we believe in rewarding our community members for their support and engagement. Our tier system is designed to ensure that every participant enjoys benefits tailored to their level of involvement, offering a structured pathway from initial discovery to deep commitment. Dive into the essence of our tiered structure: Genesis, Luminary, and Paragon.

Tier 1: Genesis

Genesis is where the journey begins. Designed for newcomers and early supporters of Veropad, the Genesis tier offers a foundational experience, allowing participants to dip their toes into the world of blockchain project launches. Genesis members gain initial access to select presales, educational content, and community events, setting the stage for a rewarding journey ahead.

Tier 2: Luminary

As participants deepen their engagement with Veropad, they ascend to the Luminary tier. Luminaries are recognized for their growing commitment and are rewarded with enhanced access to project allocations, higher staking rewards, and exclusive insights into upcoming launches. The Luminary tier is for those who are lighting the way in the Veropad ecosystem, contributing significantly to its vibrancy and success.

Tier 3: Paragon

The pinnacle of Veropad's tier system, Paragon, is reserved for the most dedicated members of our community. Paragons enjoy the highest level of privileges, including guaranteed allocations in all project launches, the highest staking rewards, direct access to project teams, and input into Veropad's development roadmap. As a Paragon, members are regarded as pillars of the Veropad community, embodying the highest standards of participation and contribution.

Evolving Together

Each tier is thoughtfully designed to recognize and reward the diverse levels of participation within our community. As Veropad grows, we are committed to enhancing the benefits associated with each tier, ensuring that our members' dedication is met with unparalleled opportunities and rewards.

Whether you are taking your first steps into the world of DeFi with Genesis, illuminating the path as a Luminary, or standing at the forefront as a Paragon, Veropad is your platform for growth, discovery, and impact in the blockchain space.

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