šŸ’ $VPAD Staking Pools

Veropad Staking Options: Maximizing Your Earnings

Unlock the Power of Your $VPAD with Veropad Staking

Investing in the future of finance doesn't have to be a passive experience. With Veropad Staking, take the driver's seat in growing your $VPAD assets. Our user-friendly staking interface is designed for ease, offering you a transparent and secure way to earn more with your digital currency.

Flexible Staking Durations for Your Lifestyle

Choose from four staking durations to match your financial goals:

  • 30 Days: For those seeking a short-term commitment, offering swift returns.

  • 60 Days: A balanced option for moderate-term investors.

  • 90 Days: Ideal for those planning ahead for the near future.

  • 120 Days: The best rate for our long-term visionaries looking to maximize their APY.

Staking Details at a Glance

  • Lock Period: Select a 30-day minimum lock period to secure your stake.

  • Relock on Registration: Automatic relocking upon registration for seamless reinvestment.

  • Early Unstake Fee: Deciding to withdraw early? A 23% fee applies, ensuring the stability of the staking pool for all participants.

  • Status: Begin with an 'Unlocked' status, allowing you the flexibility to stake more funds as you see fit.

Earn as You Support

  • APY Rate: Earn a generous 10% APY on your staked $VPAD, calculated to enhance your portfolio's growth.

  • Balance and Staking: With a clear view of your balance and staked amount, stay informed and in control of your investments.

Getting Started Is Simple

  • Approve: To initiate staking, simply hit 'Approve' and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  • Stake: Enter the amount of $VPAD you wish to stake and confirm your choice.

  • Withdraw: When it's time to collect your earnings, or if you need to access your funds, the 'Withdraw' function is straightforward and accessible.

Participate in Veropad's Vision Staking your $VPAD with Veropad isn't just about the returns. It's about being part of a community that's shaping the landscape of decentralized finance. Choose your stake, earn your rewards, and join us on the journey to redefine the financial world.

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